NewsDouble, no quits – a 100% return in just 18 months

August 4, 20200

Double, no quits – a 100% return in just 18 months

Heritage Wealth Partners and our asset managers launched a high-growth portfolio at the end of 2018, designed to take advantage of the finest investment opportunities available globally. Even we are surprised at just how successful it has been. If you invested R1m with us on 1st January 2019, you would now have R2m to your account.

The Unicorn Portfolio was designed to be our global growth engine, rewarding investors with strong returns in a “risk-on” environment. The past few months have been risk-off to an extent seen once in a lifetime, yet the portfolio’s resilience shone through and investors have reaped the rewards.

The Unicorn is so much more than a tech fund, but it’s tilt towards tech has been the right decision. The latest earnings out of Big Tech make it crystal clear that this isn’t a Dot-Com bubble – this is the future of investing.

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